Night Work - Abandoned Gas Station - Glen Rose, Texas

I have no idea when this gas station was built. It is made of brick and petrified wood. It has been abandoned for years. It is truly a work of art. Hard to believe no one has stepped in to save it. It is beginning to give way to weather and time.
The roof is gone and the structure is totally open to the elements and anyone passing by. No graffiti at all. It is from another era. As I stood looking at this old building I couldn't help but wonder what it must have looked like in its prime.
I wanted to shoot it at night with the stars in the sky and the interior lit by some of my LED devices. I used the 18mm f/2 for this shot. 13 seconds, f/4 at ISO 800. The exterior was lit with another hi-power LED with a amber filter over it.
Fuji X-E2 - 18mm f/4 - 13 seconds - ISO 800