My Old Stuff - Where I Work On Things Other Than Photography

I have an eclectic collection of old stuff that strikes my fancy. When not working on the computer I work at this Oak and Maple Hamilton Drafting Table made in the 1930s. The lantern on the left is from the 1920s. The vintage Bakelite Carom Balls
are from the early 1900s and there's a lot of other stuff you can't see in this photo, all of it much older than me. I like old things. I sometimes wonder how many owners the old desk had before I found it. How many times the old warning lantern
was used due to accidents on what passed for highways back in the 1920s. All in all, I sometimes just like to look at this stuff in the soft glow of a lamp late at night trying to imagine how many different people had owned or used it before it
came into my possession... and knowing that it will still be around even after I am gone.
Fuji X-T1 - 18-55mm