Rhino by the GF1 with a Minolta 500mm Rokkor

Shot with the GF1 and the Minolta 50mm Rokkor (1000mm equivalent)  This Rhino was a good 30 to 40 yards away from me.  I shot him at 1/3200 of a second at ISO 800.  Why?
Because the 500mm Rokkor on the GF1 is equivalent to a 1000mm lens and it is almost impossible to hold it steady without a tripod.  I had to use a very high shutter speed to avoid camera shake.
I braced myself, focused, exhaled and took the shot. To read more about this lens click here.  I bought mine on eBay for $150.00.  It is in mint condition. 
Looks like it was bought and never used.  It does have some funky bokeh under certain lighting conditions.  But if you need the reach and can shoot at f/8.. this is a pretty good bargain
and it is small due to the lens design.  The 500mm uses a catadioptric design to enable the 500mm focal length to be achieved in a smaller package.  In other words, it is a mirror lens.